the team

Romain Di Vozzo is in charge of the fablab. He is a research engineer, an artist, he owns a Fab Academy Diploma (2012) and a Master degree in arts & politics from Sciences Po Paris. He is a compilation of what Fab Foundation calls Champion + Technical Guru + Fablab Director. He mainly describes himself as Fablab Manager. Romain is from the AVIZ team.
Below are the peoples who helped in the past.

 lora_thinky WP_20150710_11_25_58_Pro
Mathieu Le Goc is a Technical Guru, a highly inspired Fablab Assistant and a PhD student in Tangible Data Visualization. He has a background in engineering and is one of the 2 pilars of Fablab Digiscope. Mathieu is from the AVIZ team.
Lora Oehlberg worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the in|situ| lab (now Ex|Situ). Among many things, she is an expert in Creative Design and Engineering. She now runs her own lab in Calgary.
Alexandre Péchereau is a Master Degree Student at Université Paris-Saclay and was an intern at Fablab Digiscope for a few months. I asked Alexandre to prototype a small app to start standardising the documentation process at Fablab Digiscope. He came out with Fab Doc Maker (see the documentation tab for more infos on this app).