03-install adafruit capacitive touch screen 2.8″ on raspberry pi b+ by romain di vozzo

00-Download this image disk: "PiTFT28C-140909-140918.img".
01-Download Pi Filler.app. (Many thanks to Ivanx for this reliable and sober app!).
02-With Pi Filler, upload the image disc"PiTFT28C-140909-140918.img" on your SD card. Be patient it might take around 30 min.Pi Filler will tell you when it's done.
03-Put the SD card into your Raspberry Pi's SD card slot. On the Raspberry Pi B+, this is a mini SD card slot.
04-Plug your Adafruit Capacitive Touch screen on your Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.
05-Plug your keyboard and mouse on the USB plugs.
06-Plug your power supply on your Raspberry Pi and on a wall plug.
07-The first time you connect, you should finally see a blue/red/gray interface with a list of possible configuration.You push the "finish" button.
08-Then you should see a Terminal window appear. You are asked to enter a login + a password.
09-As a "login$" you type "pi" and you push ENTER.
10-As a "password$", you type "raspberry" and you push ENTER.
11-Now, you want to run the wonderful Raspian's for Raspberry Pi pink interface.
12-You type "startx".
13-Now You should see the Raspian interface on your Capacitive Touch 2.8".
14-You should now be able to control the Raspian interface with your finger pads!