This is a list of french shops where you can buy your materials from before coming to Fablab Digiscope or if you reside on the french territory. You will also very soon be able to buy materials for Fab Academy from the community run website named Fab Economy Store. For now, you can use the list below. I have bought from all those suppliers and they satisfied me.

1 – Filament for the 3D PRINTERS. | PLA + PVA + TPU95 + NYLON + POLYCARBONATE + CPE + FLEX |

1 – Makershop. Fast and Serious! We’ve bought the Ultimakers from them.
2 – ColorFabb. High quality filament. (Foreign supplier).

2 – Wood Sheets for the LASER-CUTTER. | MDF (wood) + ACRYLICS + PLYWOOD + LEATHER + PAPER |

Please note: Our EPILOG MINI LEGEND 40WATTS uses sheets that are NOT WIDER/LONGER THAN 300MM x 600MM
1 – Leroy-Merlin. (In Massy or other). For cheap sheets of MDF and PLYWOOD.
2 – Weber Metaux. For both funky and classy acrylics! It’s in Paris. No orders from website!
3 – Flee Market at Porte de Montreuil. For cheap leathers (and second hands objects).
4 – La Réserve des Arts. You can find many things there. You need to become a member to things. It’s for leathers, furnitures, what ever.

5 – A4. For Strong Corrugated Cardboard sheets. For PMMA. For Composites. For sheets of Aluminum. For Machinable Foams. And more.

3 – Acrylic rolls for VINYL-CUTTER. | VINYL + PAPER (?)|

Please note: Our KNK MAXX AIR uses sheets that are NOT WIDER THAN 700MM
1 – Carrare-Communication. For Acrylics rolls. Cheap. Many colors.

4 – Electronics: Boards. | Arduino and Raspberry Pi |

oTo avoid high taxes, I recommend you to buy electronics from shops located in France.
1 – Kubii. For Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Farnell is actually hiding behind this brand.
2 – Selectronic. Is where you want to go if you need to pick up a component for today. They don’t sell resistors individually anymore.
3 – Mouser Electronics is for electronic components and is far better than DigiKey when you are an institution based in France.
4 – DigiKey (french version). Has everything components you need. Fast shipping. Not good if you buy in the name of a public institution. Works very well if you buy directly with your credit card.

3 – Bits for the Milling-Machine. | WOODS/ACRYLICS/WAX|

Please note: Our ROLAND MODELA MDX-40A doesn’t cut metal
1 – Mavylox. High quality bits for any milling machine.
2 – Otelo. For machinable wax.

4 – Materials for Molding and  Casting. | SILICONES/RESINS/METALS|

3 – Creation-Silicone. Every silicone you dream of to mild your object.
4 – Creation-Silicone. Every polyurethane resin you can dream of.

5 – Metaconcept. To buy low temperature metals for casting like CERROTRU, CERROCAST, etc.