||||| Fab Doc Maker |||||

Fab Doc Maker is a very simple documentation app written in JavaScript made by Alexandre Péchereau during his internship with me at Fablab Digiscope. This is a beta version. For now, it only works for 3D printing and Laser-cutting documentation. You can download it from: https://github.com/fablabdigiscope/FabDocMaker.  If you want the source files you go to: https://github.com/AlexandrePechereau/FabDocMaker.
I asked Alexandre to develop a very light and portable app to help people to start documenting their fablab projects.
I didn't want an online app. I wanted an app that would make pdf. I wanted an app that would allow the fablab users to keep a record of the parameters they have used to build their projects with our machines. I wanted to make sure this documentation would also be printable on paper because the most transportable type of document is made of paper.
I let you have a look at the few snapshots below: