!!!!! Documentation is ex-ces-si-ve-ly important !!!!!
Any project made at FABLAB DIGISCOPE must be documented, open-source, reproducible by someone else and available on-line. Don’t neglect one single step of your documentation. Make it user-friendly as much as possible, keeping in mind that your little brother may want to make it by himself one day.
Into the Documentation menu you will find documentation of projects made at FABLAB DIGISCOPE.

We still searching for clear nomenclatures to share documentation with you. It could be written in MarkDown (Wiki), on Wiki-How, Instructables, Thingiverse, etc.

Projects documentation is not a story-telling nor a scenario (sorry Spielberg!).
Projects documentation starts from 0. You give each line a number.
Projects documentation is made of the shortest sentences on earth (don’t try me with Onomatopoeia).
Projects documentation contains good quality pictures and 30s videos.

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