02-Makerbot 3D printer (pfff!)


I no longer recommend you to use or buy Makerbot printers.
Keep going open-source with a RepRap or an Ultimaker.
The already famous Replicator 2 from Makerbot Industries is our 3D printer. Many people have been printing on this machine and have documented their works (It makes it easier to use). 

There is a lot of 3D cad drawings you can download from internet. Obviously, I strongly recommend that you draw something by yourself and print it at the lab. Whatever 3D cad software you use, you will need to export your file as a .STL. From there, you will then convert this .stl into a "Ready to print" file. But I'll tell you the details in the tutorial below. 

This machine 3D prints PLA and ABS in many colors. No heated platform on our's.

- building area dimensions: 285 x 155 x 152 mm (This dimensions are the boundaries of your object).
- maximum precision: 100 microns (0.1 mm)
- software: Makerware (freeware)
- more tech specs to come


Software: Makerware
Platform Size: 285 mm x 155 mm x 152 mm.
Accepted File formats: .x3g (ONLY).


Tutorial (in progress):
1 - On the back/right/down/ corner of the 3D printer, switch the button "ON". At this stage of the process it should sing you a 4 bits song.  IMG_0422
2 - Now you can see a menu on the small blue display (front-side). There is a touch pad with a red "M" on the right of the display. This is where you control the machine (hardware). From here, you can start a print, load or unload your plastic filament, etc.
3 - This is when you insert the SD card which contains the 3D files you want to print. You insert the card properly into de card holder located on the top of the touch pad.
4 - The platform or "bed" is where the print will be done. This platform can be removed. Actually, when the print is finished, I strongly advise you to remove the platform from the machine to take your object. On the picture bellow, you can see a (crapy) blue tape. You will take care of this blue tape as much as possible. It is very helpful to make successful 3D printings because it helps to keep the object stuck on the platform during the print. 
IMG_0434 IMG_0435