Personal Project part 2

This week was been the second week on I work on my wood sunglasses.Finally, I had to change my Fab Lab project because i needed build an other items for the « Creative Design » class. This item was a case for Iphone. I used 123D Design for create a the prototypes of case.

Our main aim for the creative design’s class was to use the iPhone’s accelerometer for realized speed measures. We had to find a solution for to adapt the iPhone at the futur user. I mean seek a technic for to fix the phone on user.

The first constraints were : how do we can fix the iphone on the arm of someone ? We have think use a fabric case, because the idea was just of made movements’ measures.

  • For made the first prototype, I used a schema of the iphone to know these general dimensions.


I began by height, width and thickness then i add some holes for launch button, volume and the quiet button. And finally I added an ergo around of the case in order to keep the iPhone in case. And four hole for fix it on arm or leg with a velcro. So the first prototype look like that see below.

Prototype 1.png

Prototype 1.0

  • The second step has been created a cover for the case because the constraints were little bit different than origin. But at this moment i thought just clipped the cover on the case because i would like use a strong plastic for printing the case.
Prototype 1 cover

Prototype cover 1.0

  •  Now, I was thinking add one hole for charger plug, and the speakers. And check the thickness of the case for be sure to protect the phone and the screen.
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