Assignment 3.2—Begin with arduino

Introduction:this time we learn some Arduino technology, our task is to build use Arduino to make a blinking LED.

1.About arduino

Arduino is a simple circuitry to build personal gadget.It has its own development software and board, and it also offered a wide variety of electronic components. Arduino has a great library which allows beginners to quickly build their desired circuit. In this lesson, we can use the electronic components like: Arduino development board, Guidebook, led lights, switches, buzzer, light-sensitive resistors, wiring and so on.


2.Built circuit

First, Arduino board has a lot of interfaces, we can select the output interface and select the appropriate voltage and resistance by ourselves. There are different stripes on different resistance, each stripe represents a different value, we can calculate the total value of of the resistance follow the stripe chart. The power of Arduino can be provided through the computer or you can also use other external power supply.


Then I  build the circuit by following the instructions.


3.Write the code

After building a good circuit , you can open the files inside the arduino library or you can also enter your own code.  Here is the blinking LED files.

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4. Run

First click  the up button to upload the code , then click on the Run button on the control panel to run the code . If you want to stop it, just unplug the cable.

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