Assignment 6 — project 3: Final work and Exhibition

1.System overview

The whole system is combined with 3 parts. The first part is the arduino board for transfering signals. The second part is the BPM sensor for detecting heart beats. The third part is the 3d-printed box with the servo, perfume and electric heat piece.


The whole working flow is: after the bpm sensor detects the heart beat rate, the signal will be transferred to the arduino board to make a simple judgement. If the heart beat rate is lower than the average range, the servo will spin and leave the hole for the warming smell. The electic heat piece will heat the warming smell material to make the smell more strong. If the heart beat rate is higher than the average range, the servo will spin and leave the hole for the calming smell. The electic heat piece will heat the calming smell material to make the smell more strong.

2.Electric circuit design


As we can see, the system is combined with arduino, bpm sensor, and servo. The bpm sensor detects heart beat rate as input, and servo will turn to the exact angle as the output.

3.Parameter setting

Based on our research, the average heart beat range is 60(bpm) – 100 bpm(beats per minute). Thus, based on the averate range, we set three modes for the data we collected, which is low rate mode(bpm < 60), medium rate mode(bpm > 60 && bpm < 100), and high rate mode(bpm > 100). Three domains corresponde to three different smell.

In order to control the specific type for the smell, we use the servo and make it spin to the right angle for leaving the hole for the spercific smell

.屏幕快照 2016-02-08 17.47.17

Because the range for the servo’s spin is 0 degree to 180 degrees. We decided to use three different angles(0 degree, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees) for 3 modes.

5.Poster & Video for exhibition

After finishing the project we can show our work in the exhibition in building 660. in order to show our complete idea we also did a poster and video of our project.


Following are a picture of the exhibition.



In this project, we demonstrate Moody box – the box enable detects emotions by sensing the heart beat rates and give the corresponding smell to adjust emotions. Based on our research, various kinds of emotions have an impact on the emotions. Our system uses arduino and pulse sensor to detect heart beat rates, and the 3d-printed box contains a servo and different perfumes. Different heart rate beat could make the servo turn to a specific angle and leave the hole for perfume opening. However, the main problem with the system lies on the pulse sensor because it is always not stable while working. In the future, we will focus on the new stable way to detect heart beat rate and make the system portable and useful for users.

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