Assignment 5.2 — project 2: Sensor and Mechanism for our project.

1. Project research

Relationship between heart beat rate and emotions

Emotional reaction is not peace, calm, serene, relaxed state, but  rather a tumult, excited, nervous state. When a suddenly met a situation, and the inherent  response is insufficient to meet the time, there will be an emotional reaction manifested. An act in progress when suddenly encountered obstruction, or can not immediately reach impotent; or not prepared to stimulate prior  suddenly rendered these situations can cause emotional reaction.

Emotions and feelings can cause physiological responses, covering a wide range of nervous system. Different emotional, physiological response patterns of emotion is not the same. Such as satisfaction, happy when normal heartbeat; while fear or rage, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and other.

 How perfumes work?

Studies have found that smells had a significant effect on human emotions. Daffodils, lotus smell, feeling very gentle and lingering; violet scent can not only make people calm, but also give a hearty, happy feeling; orange, lemon scent, let us stay excited, positive and inspire curiosity; jasmine and lilac scent, can refreshing our mind. Doctor Robert Baron in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that the comfort smell can make people emotion stable, reduce conflict. We find it interesting that teenager students like chrysanthemum and mint smell, if they stay several hours in a place full of chrysanthemum, mint smell, their thought will be clearer, more agile operation, the reaction is more flexible, they can start the job more handy. 

How smells work?

Research shows that the smell can kill bacteria, pneumococcus and staphylococcus, prevent colds and lower respiratory tract infections. Many spices have analgesic, sedative and stimulant drugs such as cooling oil is equipped with spices. Some patients can even feel better by seeing flowers and smelling them.

Why can smell has the effect of treating diseases and providing preventive care?

Because once the sunlight glints on the oil cells of the flowers or stems, they can break out a volatile aromatic oils after contacting with the olfactory cells in human nasal, producing a special reaction. Moreover, these volatile oil itself has a certain degree of efficacy. For example, after inhaling the turpentine or peppermint oil, it can stimulate organs, lead to the anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Lavender oil can treat headache, palpitations and so on.

Secondly, is the psychological effect.Human nervous system directs all the human activities, the spiritual status, have an important role in the treatment of disease. [7]Beautiful flowers, elegant fragrance, go through the human smell and sight organs, affecting the limbic system and reticular formation. That can improve nerve cell excitability, aiming to ameliorate sentiment. At the same time, the nerve – body fluid adjusted accordingly, promote the human organs to secrete appropriate hormones and healthy body fluids, releasing the enzyme, acetyl, gallbladder ballast and other substances having a physiological activity and improve the body’s nervous and endocrine system. So as to achieve a harmonious effect of systemic organ function. 

Different roles of various smell

Some researchs show that different smells can stimulate the influence of human body. Delicate smell can enhance the ability of the body to cope with complex environments. In our design, we use three main smells: jasmine smell, cooling oil and sweet perfume. The smell of jasmine helps soothe nerves, get emotional comfort, enhance self-confidence, it is regards as romantic and tranquil vitality, charming and flavor smell. The Chinese cooling oil, the « cold » Tiger Balm White, has the ability to calm people down and make people refresh as soon as they smell it. The sweet perfume help the user to improve his motivation when in a active environment, aiming to make the user more active and enthusiastic.

2.How to detecting human’s emotion: bpm

As for the bpm sensor, we are using the pulsesensor and the library in the official website. The pulsesensor can collect heart beating rate by receiving the pressure from the pulse.

The bpm sensor is using the light reflection to detect heart rate. The diode inside the bpm sensor will emit green lights and the lights will reflect once it meets obtacles. The diode can calculate the reflection time and caculate the heart beat rate. If the light is totally shed, the value will become maximum and abnormal, so it is important to set a right position to use the sensor.

While using, we should put the “heart” side on the finger, or to the ear to detect the heart beat rate.


GSR sensor & blood pressure Sensor

Besides pulsesensor, there are some other sensor which can detecting the emotion state of humans, like GSR sensor which can detecting the wetness of skin , and blood pressure sensor which is used to detecting the blood pressure. But both of them are very expensive, so this time we just use bpm sensor.



gsr-sensor     article-2682778-1F7112E600000578-687_634x347

3. making a box for perfume

Last time we  printed a small box.However this box was too small and can not automatically express one perfume and close other cells, so we survey lots of mechanical structures which can automatically express only one perfume. At this time the structure of salt box inspire us. We found that the salt mechanic can only use one Fan wheel to change into different angles which will help to open the matched hole of each cell. Based on this idea we would like to design a box with four cells, and set a mother in the centre to control the fan.


Then we measure the size of each part and draw the Two-dimensional size chart of the box.

IMG_6821 IMG_0381

Based on that we also build a real model on 123D 3D modelling software and print it by the 3D machine in Fablab.

屏幕快照 2016-02-28 22.17.42 屏幕快照 2016-02-28 22.18.13

However we found that the the real size in height will be a little shorter then the design one because of the gravity of material , and the material will fall down a little in the progress, so that the fan can not match the box.

IMG_7313 IMG_7309

In addition Joe, one of our tutor give us some suggestion that we can add some heating to help the perfume express faster, and the new smell could overcome the old one as soon as possible. we find some heating elements, which have the maximum temperature 50 centigrade. We add this part into the box, and print the box second time.


4.Problem we met with 3D printer

blocked nozzle

solution: insert a small needle into the nozzle to clean the blocked material.

IMG_7294 IMG_7293

not horizontal plat form

solution: use a paper to adjust the platform until the paper can not move.

IMG_7344 IMG_7348

not consistant printing

solution: stop it and reprinting.



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