This has been my favorite courses in a long time and I definitely learned a lot. I also know that I will for sure return to the fab lab on my own time.

What was not perfect:

  • the course was in a during a stressful time (many courses at the same time) and it was not possible to dedicate as much time as I would have liked to it.
  • I should have made the documentation right away: even though I though I had documented everything in my notebook and had taken pictures of everything, it turns out that files get lost, I forgot to put the date on the page and it is hard to reconstruct everything in hindsight.
  • work division: in our project I would have loved to be involved with the raspberry pies more; in the end I have to admit I lost track of what exactly was happening. In a group of three, however, it is hard to keep everyone in the loop about everything. it might even hinder the workflow.
  • Have my very own project. I would have loved to implement something from beginning to end that is only my own. Since we only have group work in our studies, having something for oneself is a very seldom occurrence and I did not take advantage of it. But see point 1 in « what I liked ».

What I liked:

  • The combination of the Digital Fabrication class and the Creative design class allowed for a bigger project that would otherwise not have been possible in either. I also had a great team to work with! (Thanks to Matteo and Midas!).
  • Working with the Arduinos and learning about sensors and electronics.
  • Freedom in what we were able to create.
  • The atmosphere in the class was superb and a nice change from « lecture classes ».
  • I loved experimenting with different designs on the laster cutter and doing something « different ».



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