Project#2: Soldering the led matrix

What i used

  • welding machine
  • pond
  • 16 LEDs
  • wires

Soldering the led matrix

Disheartened by the first try last week of the matrix construction with the wires and whiteboard I decided to weld the Led for to be sure that the 4×4 matrix led was working.

I bend the anode in one direction and the cathode in the opposite direction.


I linked, first, the leds together by bend them

IMG_20160126_170452 IMG_20160126_164508 IMG_20160126_164459

And then, following the circuit that I found in the tutorial, I started to weld the matrix.

Schermata 2016-02-26 alle 17.22.19

IMG_20160126_183518 IMG_20160126_183506

I did two layers, the upper one was for the anodes and the bottom one was for the cathodes. When you are soldering the matrix you must to be sure that the two circuit don’t touch each other.

IMG_20160126_183531 IMG_20160126_190958

I used a tester for prove my matrix, and finally was working !!!

IMG_20160126_191157 IMG_20160126_191159

IMG_20160126_191206 IMG_20160126_191213

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