Documentation – Week 4 – Arduino small project – Digital hourglass


Do a project from Arduino StarterKit book

I chose to do Project no. 8 – Digital hourglass

General information:

  • Software used: Processing IDE for Arduino
  • Arduino UNO & cables
  • LEDs from Arduino kit & tilt sensor from Arduino kit


1. Create the circuit

  • the schema of the circuit was offered in the book, thus we had just to follow it
  • moreover, I also reproduced it in Fritzing in order to practice using it.
Arduino Digital Hourglass - Schema made with Fritzing

Arduino Digital Hourglass – Schema made with Fritzing

2. Program the Arduino

3. The result

The result was that each next led was turned on at the interval =600ms and when reaching the end (thus all 6 leds were turned on) all the leds were turned off and the process started again.

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