Project 6: Conclusion

A big thank you

Although the outcome of this project might not be as revolutionary as I thought it would be, I can’t describe how much I learned with this project. Looking back at all my blogs, I learned how to deal with the lasercutter, 3D-printer, Arduino devices, sensors, electronic circuits, soldering, NodeJS, Socket.IO, server building, and many things that I did not even write down (yes that is possible).

I had great troubles with starting up and know how to use electronic circuits, how to solder and and how to program a server. But damn do I feel grateful that I got the chance to overcome these problems. I learned so much information that is very hands-on, out-of-the-box, ready to apply, and simply awesome!! It is unlike any other university course I have ever had.

I want to thank in particular Joe for his fantastic support and teaching me basic electronics and soldering, Romain for always throwing good ideas, and simply being very chill and relaxed. He also did his very best to get the FSR sensors and other materials for all of us. Lastly I have to mention all my classmates such as Hugo, Verena, and even Subbu who is not even taking this course. I could not have done this and learned SO MUCH without your tips!

Project files

As promised, all of my files (both for the code with Arduino pressure reading and the phone case) can be downloaded here.

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