Final Project 2 – Small Test and Clear Description


Before having sensor, my desired painting, complex circuit and etc. all settled down, I just made the simplest LED Arduino program(as what I wrote in the previous document) to test on a random picture to see how the light looks. It turns out it really looks amazing.


When I was testing, I realised another interesting phenomena, which is, we can see the texts written on the back of the paper once we add lights on the back.

Clear Description

I chose the painting « New York Movie » by Edward Hopper, which not only draws several light sources in the scene, but also communicates the feeling of solitude and isolation by drawing a woman standing outside the movie room and meditating while others are sitting in the room and watching movie.

I want to realise interactions:

  • When people come close to the painting, the left lights in the movie room light up gradually in orders surprisingly.
  • When people get even closer, the left lights turn off and the right lights near the woman turn on.
  • A while after the right lights on, the last light turns on and it makes the hidden message(« Hi ») written on the back become visible.

The concept is the on and off conditions of different lights shift visitors’ focus on this painting. First focusing on the crowd who’re watching movie, however, when the visitor is getting closer and closer to the painting the focus shifts to this lonely woman. It represents now the visitor is coming besides this woman. Then a hidden message shows to say « Hi » to the visitor.

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