Final Project 1 – Initial Idea and Planning

I enjoy discovering and capturing beauty of small details in everyday life. I realised a phenomena accidentally that I feel it’s pretty aesthetic, when a black-and-white painted light comes to alive with the surprising appearance of glimmers on it.

So I decided to make an interactive painting for the final project in this course.

One sentence to sum up my project idea

An interactive painting recreated on the regular painting « New York Movie » by Edward Hopper, which enriches a different dimension of appreciating experience and enhances immersive and vividness, by added light effects interaction with spectators.


-7th Jan.

  • Make the idea clear.
  • Research on technologies.

-14th Jan.

  • Prepare the painting, sensor and other needed materials or tools.
  • A small test.

-21st Jan.

  • Make the whole process clear.
  • Draw circuit diagram and build up the circuit on Arduino.
  • Create code to realise the interaction.

-26th Jan.

  • Make the real installation.
  • Adjust details.

-2nd Feb.

  • Exhibition day.
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