Assignment 2 – Laser Cutting

I was absent in this class for the reason that I went to immigration office. I didn’t make my badge. It’s a pity that I didn’t manage to laser cut anything by my own after.

I’ve seen other colleagues cutting something and their documentations, so in this document I’ll write down a simple process for laser cutting.

Our laser cutter is Epilog Mini 24. It can’t cut metal, but it can cut wood and acrylic. The maximum thickness of the material is 6mm. The maximum size is 300mm * 600mm.

The Whole Process

  1. Design in a vector-based software(Inkscape or Illustrator) and export as a PDF and SVG file.
  2. Adjust the size and position of the design in Corel Draw. Remember, all elements need to be 1mm away from the border in x-axis and -1mm away from the border in y-axis. The (0,0) is on the top-left.
  3. Still in Corel Draw, make the outlines red for engraving and black for cutting with the tool in the bottom-right corner. Set « hairline » for cutting parts.
  4. Put the material in laser cutter and align it to the top-left corner.
  5. Turn on the switch and fume extractor.
  6. Change the starting point of the laser cutter. Press Button 9 to see where’s the starting point now. Press Button 8 and Go to make laser moveable. Move it to the (0,0) by hand. Press Button 7 to set here as the new starting point.
  7. Back to Corel Draw, press Ctrl+P to start printing. Set parameters first. Set « Precision », « Jobtype », « Power », « Speed » and « Frequency » according to the material and effects.
  8. Stay in the room watching the whole process to avoid problems.
  9. Get the final product!!
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