Assignment 3.2 – Arduino

This is the first Arduino course. The objective is to learn basic knowledge about Arduino and make the first simple Arduino project, which is to make a LED blink.

1. Connect the circuit

On the breadboard, the holes in column « + » and « – » are connected vertically, while the holes in column from « a » to « j » are connected horizontally.  The longer pin of LED should be connected with plus(« + ») and the shorter pin should be connected with minus(« -« ). In this case, I also connect pin 13 to « + » and « GND » to « -« .


2. Plug Arduino to computer and create the code

The first time using Arduino, I should first check if the version of Arduino and the port are right.

(Tool->Board->Arduino/Geniuno Uno)


Ok, now create the code as what’s shown in the following picture.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 16.10.20

After programming, Verify->Upload. Then I saw the LED started blinking.


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