Project 6 – Case Design 3

The next Fab Lab session (26/01/16) I cut some more leaves and as a third design cut some triangles for the « triangle – fabric » technique. The plain triangles did not completely work, so I want to add something to them, by adding an « ornament », which would run through some of them. It needs to be modular, so that each triangle would fit anywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 23.25.15

Some design sketches.


The triangles that will be cut.


I glue the cut items onto fabric. This is a little problematic, because the glue (although supposed to be for everything) is not adhesive enough for the wood. Forming weird gestures with the fabric is therefore problematic, as the triangles would fall of.


The triangles glued onto fabric.


Nevertheless it works well and can be used as a case.


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