Project 5 – Case Design 2

I stitched the previously created triangles on fabric and like the result. However, I do not want to copy this design for all five cases. I would rather try something new, since I see the Fab Lab as an opportunity to try out different ways of designing. Moreover, I have more ideas I would like to see in practice. For a final installation (beyond this course) I could pick the case I like the most and multiply it or keep them as individual « spirits » that live in the forest. However, in order to get 5 cases, I have to make some compromises.


Since I liked the look of the triangles stacked on top of each other so much, but not the rigidity and complexity in fabrication that goes along with it, I tried another technique of layering. Here I got inspired by the leaves in the forest, animal scales and feathers.

I could lay out some pieces on a “grid” while at the same time overlaying them. I would get the patterns of the overlay and the organic feel and flexibility of the fabric.


Leaves in the forest.



Again I created the vector in Illustrator.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 22.51.04

Screenshot of the evolution of the design in illustrator (from left to right).



Leaf Pattern

Another Design idea was to add a leaf structure on top on the triangles of the previous designs (see Prototype).

Triangle design with Leaf Structure.


Cut – 21/01/16

This time I only cut one of each to test the design with the material.


Cutting the two items.

The triangle design does not work at all. It is too small, breakable and does not look nice at all.

The triangle on the other hand turns out very nice. Only the two dots in the top, which I left to fixate the leaves together need to be modified: they are a) too small and b) make the leaf look like a « kraken » when looked at from the top.


The cut leaves. The two dots look a little bit like eyes.

I also cut it on paper, because I wanted to test it with a more flexible material. I weave through it with a pice of wire and the effect is interesting. I want to repeat this with a bigger piece of paper.


Even works as jewelry.


The leaf with a piece of wire to give it a 3D shape.



I had bought some thin 0.3mm wire as a material to weave the leaves together.I have to say this was an amazing choice: the wire is very easy to use and has just the right amount of rigidity. The weaving itself is not very complicated, it works a wire mesh fence.


The leaves woven together from the back.


The result.


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