Project 4 – Case Design 1

For this first Design I wanted to combine my view of the organic, intricate design and the idea of triangles on fabric.

Aesthetic and Design

I already mentioned earlier that contrast in the design might create an interesting effect. For now, I designed one triangle in Illustrator that could be combined in multiple ways into one bigger object. Either with fabric, or stacking them in some way.

I first draw the outlines with the path tool and then combine them with the shape builder tool into one object. I need to ensure that the design works not only on its own, but as many of the same items next to each other (E.g. it looks as though one lines flows through them all when they are put next to each other).

Design Evolution

Design Evolution / Styles.

The triangles are not equally sided so that their shape can already hint at a 3D form when put next to each other (in contrast to equally sided triangles that would lie flat when they are put side by side).


When I open the files on the computer attached to the 3D printer I realize that opening the svg file in corel draw the paths are completely screwed up. With the pdf on the other hand the design remains intact. Another issue I encounter is that some designs are opened double. I delete all triangles but one and copy paste them again in Corel Draw itself. I cut them on 3mm wood and out the settings according to the booklet next to the Laser Cutter.


Cutting the triangles with the Epilog Mini on 3mm wood.


As it turns out, the small “pins” in the bottom of the triangle are so delicate they break very easily. Especially since the 3D printer did not cut everything equally well. While some pieces are very easy to de assemble, others stick together and it takes a long time and a lot of patience to remove all of the excess parts. Some are particularly badly cut and get broken in the process.


One can see that the wood is not completely cut through in all areas.

Next time I will first print one design and test it for possible “breakdowns” before cutting a whole batch of them.


At home I assemble them in multiple ways. I especially like them stacked on top of each other, which creates depth and goes well with what I initially envisioned.


In this design, if the « space » between the triangles is eliminated they will form a 3D structure.


Triangles assembled next to each other.


Next to each other and stacked.



I like the pattern and depth that emerges when stacking the triangles.

Next I will but some fabric and stitch them on.

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