The 3D printer : Ultimaker²

For this class the aim is to make a small design with 3D printer like a cube.

We have use Ultimaker². This machine is an open source 3D printer totally customizable.  She can print different items for a maximum volume 230 x 225 x 205 mm. The printer  have a heating plate, extruding nozzle (0,4mm).

For made a design we need to use three different software, 123D Design, Netfabb Basic and Cura. Respectively the first one is for make the design, the second one for check if our design is printable and the last one for convert and set the parameters of the design before printing.

  • The First step is to create the cube design for that i used 123D Design. With this software it easy to create 3D objects. For design cube, i could just insert a primitive box. Then i did a circle extrudation on the top of cube and I changed the angle of perforation.
3D Design.png

Mini Cube Table

  •    The second step consisted at check if the design is printable. That mean cheek if there were any problems with the surface. After the standard analysis, my design are closed and orientable so i can print it.
3D netfabb.png

Printable analysis

  • The last step are realized with Cura. I set the last parameters of the STL file.

These settings :

Layer Height: 0.2 mm
Shell thickness:  0.8 mm
Fill density: 20%
Retraction: enabled
Bottom/Top thickness: 0.6 mm

3D Cura.png

Nota bene for my design i have to reverse it for printing. After that we save in GCODE file and we put the file on a SD card.

  • Before printing we have to change the plastic, check all parameters for 3D printer such as speed of extruding and fan, temperature of plat, nozzel.

These settings :

Plastic type PLA
Fan speed : 100%
Extruding speed : 100%
Temp nozzel 220°C
Temp plat 40°C

Now we are ready for printing !


The result :

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