Project 1: Research & Planning

As a project for this course I wanted to enhance the capabilities of my smartphone somehow.

I think that today’s smartphones have poor touch interaction. We all interact with hard, cold and insensitive touch screens made of glass and that do not feel nice. Moreover, our phones are getting bigger again, which makes it harder to touch all parts of the screen, or perform certain multi-touch gestures when we hold our phone with one hand.

Of course these problems are partly due to the sensing (and outputting) capabilities of today’s touch screens, but I think we can already enhance the experience of controlling your phone now.


In one sentence, this is what I will be working on this course:

My project is to develop a soft and squishy device for the iPhone 5 that feels good in your hands, has pressure sensors inside it and that will preferably be used wrapped in a phone holder

This contribution can have multiple future appliances:

  • More pleasant tactile experiences when using and holding your phone.
  • New and better ways to control your smartphone with one hand.
  • Assistance for disabled people in controlling their phone.

Weekly planning

  • … – Monday 28th
    Do research about materials, sensors, and project’s desirability
  • Monday 4th
    Point teachers to my problems with Arduino and making molds + buy pleasantly feeling foam in a arts shop
  • Monday 11th
    Creating circuit with FSR and Arduino + Receiving FSR values on computer + Sending values to web interface
  • Monday 18th
    Programming some test applications for the new touch sensors + (if there) Putting multiple FSRs and resistors in the circuit
  • Monday 25th
    Put sensors and foam unto phone + (if time) 3D-Print phone case that can hold Arduino, sensors and foam
  • Monday 01th
    Present final outcomes
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