Project 3 – First Prototype

Shortly after having found the layering technique (see Project 2) my teammate proposed a technique with which we could easily create cases faster and which would go well with our aesthetic. It involves cutting out triangles in a hard material and gluing them on fabric. He had already made a prototype out of cardboard and fabric.

Technique: Elisa Strozyk

We try the prototype with the raspberry pi.


The prototype on a raspberry pi light up with LEDs.


Midas adjusting the fabric.

It looks nice in the dark (especially on pictures). At this point in daylight it looked a little silly but if we make it out of nicer material it might work. The fact that the cloth can be folded into whatever shape is needed is quite handy and vertices might form a nice crystalline contrast in the forest.

I am still very much in love with the idea of creating something a little more intricate and am thinking about combing those two techniques.





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