Assiment#2 : Laser Cutter

1) Draw logo using Adobe Illustrator

We draw our logo using Adobe Illustrator.  The logo had to be round and the design had to be inside the circle.
We export in a directory into the USB with 3 different format: SVG, PDF and AI(Adobe Illustrator).


My Logo

2) Importing logo in Corel Draw software

We went in the Lab Machines and we plug the Usb in the computer that is plugged with the Laser Cutter.
Using the software Corel Draw we import all our PDF logo into it in a single big document.
In order to print with a sigle pice of wood into the laser cutter, we set the size of each logo, in the software, to 50mm x 50mm.

IMG_1508 IMG_1509

3) Choose the cutting and the engraving of Logo

We remove with Corel software all the graphics that the laser cutter can handle, for instance we had to remove all the background or element to much small.

After removed all the graphics conflict we ungrouped the element of the logo for choose if a element had to be cut or engraved.
If a element had to be cut were filled black, while if had to be engraved we fill as red.

IMG_1514 IMG_1515

4) Switch on the Laser-Cutter

We open the door of the Laser-Cutter and we put inside a pice of wood.
The maximum dimension of the layer of wood must be 300mm x 600mm and 6mm of height.


The order of the button for switching on the machine is:

  1. Push button number 9 for switch on the laser
  2. Button 8 for disengage the head with the laser
  3. Button number 7 for set the 0 point (the margin of the wood layer)
  4. Button Green for the fumes (very important)
    Margin of Laser

    Margin of Laser

    Machines that collect fumes

    Machines that collect fumes

    Interface of Laser Cutter

    Interface of Laser Cutter

    5) Printing the Logo in the wood

    After press CTRL-P the laser start to print with the constraints that we set in the Corel Draw software.


    The final result!


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