00-Présentation des fablabs

-What it is:

see FabLab as a social innovation lab where people can study and use advanced technology machines.


The fab lab program was initiated to broadly explore how the content of information relates to its physical representation and how an under-served community can be powered by technology at the grassroots level.The program began as a collaboration between the Grassroots Invention Group and the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Media Lab in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a grant from the National Science Foundation (Washington, D.C.) in 2001.



network of FabLab in the world

-What it is not:

is not a factory that sells 3d printed object

02-who are you students ?


Mattia Chenet

-Where are you from ?

I’m come from Italy, precisely in Bassano Del Grappa a city near Venice

your background ?

I did a bachelor in Computer Science in the University of Trento, italy. I worked as a Front-End developer

what you like/what you don’t like…

I like sports, technology stuff and relax, i don’t like wake up early in the morning.

why did you chose the digital fabrication course ?

I choose Digital Fabrication because i want learn and how to use advanced technologic devices and machines

03-what is digital fabrication ?

What it digital fabrication: 

Digital Fabrication is a class that allow as to understand and try different type of machines.

04-final project

Final Project: 

A Display built with led that detect a position of the object on top of it according to the sensor positioned on each led, for instance if i put a smartphone on top of the led screen you can see the shape of the smartphone on leds.


what is documentation ? 

Documentation is Describing step by step what we do in FabLab for have a consultable memory of all the stuff that we used and how we use it.

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