Sorry for missing this course cause I went to immigration office with Ni. But Summer told me how to use laser cutter in the next course.

  1. Use the Inkscape software to draw a shape( or Adobe Illustrator), save as PDF or SVG file.
  2. On the computer which is next to the laser cutter, open the CorelDraw software, import that PDF file, if there are multiple objects, group them, set the size as 50mm*50mm
  3. Ungroup first if you did the group. Set the suitable property for each objects, then select the cut depth. ( the red outline is for engraving and black is for cutting)
  4. Turn of the laser cutter, put the wood in the top-left, push 9 button to turn on the laser point, then push down 8 button and press go, now you can move the laser arm to the top-left corner. Push down 7 button to tell the cutter started here.
  5. Finally, turn the green button and cutting work begins
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