Assignment 2—Laser Cutter

In the second class, we learned how to use laser cutter. We all try to create a round name card and use laser cutter to cut a real wooden one.

First step:

create a shape with vector graph editor(Coreldraw, Illustrator, Inkscape) to design a round name card.

Second step:

export the name card as PDF or SVG file.

Third step:

import the document into CorelDraw

3.1: first group all the object, and change the size into 50mm*50mm

3.2:then ungroup the object, select a suitable property for each object. Delate the useless object, select the  cut depth.

3.3 : arrange each shape to save the material.


Fourth step:

turn on the laser cutter.


4.1 turn on the power


4.2 push down 9->there will be a red point


4.3 push down 8 then press go (which you can select the start point by yourself.)

4.4 press 7 , and the screen shows set home centre.


4.5 turn on the green button under table and the air blower.


Fifth step:

go back to computer to start cut.

5.1  control +P , look at the tag, if there is a warning , that means there are some objects out of boundary.

5.2 set parameters like speed based on the reference book.


5.3 apply settings to begin.

Sixth step:

cutting progress.


Seventh step:

pick the name piece out, and clean it.



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