Assignment 1— Introduction

00-Présentation des fablabs

what it is: (your vision of what is a fablab, put it with your own words)
Fablab is a place where people who share the same interests and gather together to create some interesting things with electronic components and physical materials.
origins: (make research on the fablab movement, where it started, etc.)
The fab lab program was initiated to broadly explore how the content of information relates to its physical representation and how an under-served community can be powered by technology at the grassroots level.The program began as a collaboration between the Grassroots Invention Group and the Centre for Bits and Atoms at the Media Lab in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a grant from the National Science Foundation (Washington, D.C.) in 2001.

While the Grassroots Invention Group is no longer in the Media Lab, The Centre for Bits and Atoms consortium is still actively involved in continuing research in areas related to description and fabrication but does not operate or maintain any of the labs worldwide (with the excmobile fab lab). The fab lab concept also grew out of a popular class at MIT (MAS.863) named « How To Make (Almost) Anything ».(from wikipedia)

network: (find a way to display a map of the fablabs in your region/country)
 Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 22.24.45
 Fablab in China.
what it is not: (any thought is welcome)
 somewhere without creative work.

01-Présentation fablab digiscope

-rules: (tell us 3 essential rules that regulate our fablab)
Do a plan first: before each project, people should have a clear plan what they are going to do.
Don’t waste time in class
Follow the plan and find out problems.
accessibility: (who is our fablab accessible to ?)
Everyone who have interests.
machines and materials: (list machines and materials we have in our fablab)
1. epilog laser-cutter
2. knk mass air vinyl cutter
3. 3D printer replicator2
4. roland modela mdx40a milling-machine
5. dremel
6. embroidery machine
7. 3D ptinters ultimaker2
8. material like: wood, metal, plastic etc.
documentation: (what is documentation? Why should you document?)
Documentation is write down the working process and some science knowledge related to the project.
People can show their work by recording what they have done, and share to other people especially for teachers.

02-who are you students ?

Xia Ziyang(summer)
where are you from ?
I am from China, Zhenjiang in Jiangsu province.
your background ?
My background is industrial design. I also studied some interactive design.
what you like/what you don’t like…
I am interested in emotional design, especially some design which can help people express their emotions or help then feel better or build better relationship with others.
I don’t like sports and programming and foreign language.
why did you chose the digital fabrication course ?
Because I want to build a cool thing by my self , even the programming part I can overcome it. 

03-what is digital fabrication ?

What it digital fabrication: (describe/define)
People can build something creative which are consisted of electronic components and physical materials.  the target user could be any people. people are freely to do whatever they want.

04-final project 

Final Project: (share again what you proposed during the class, or something else related to Sarah’s Creative Design Class)
I want to build a emotional band, which can express the emotion of users by perfume and color. normally we only have one time in the morning to decided which perfume to put on ourselves, however thing will change during the day. there are lots of research indicating that wrong smell will not only decrease the efficiency of work, but also result in even worse emotion like nervous and anxiety. so I want to build a emotion band which can analyse the data based on pulse and blood pressure, and express the right smell in suitable situation. 


what is documentation ? (give us your idea of what documentation should be made for)
For student:
It can show their work, share ideas, record data and record documental which may be useful
For teacher:
They can cheek the progress and give some advise.
documentation examples: on the web, find an example of good digital fabrication documentation + an example of bad documentation
In this cecilia’s internship project, it will be better to show more details.
But biohack academy certificates is a good example, which is very clear and in order.


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