00-Présentation des fablabs
what it is: (your vision of what is a fablab, put it with your own words)
For me, it is a space that gives people from various backgrounds the possibility to easily have access to advanced machines and tools required for the creation of all kinds of « hardware ».
Also, there is freedom in what can be created and what for. This allows for experimentation and the trying of new ideas.
origins: (make research on the fablab movement, where it started, etc.)
It started in Boston, in at the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA).
network: (find a way to display a map of the fablabs in your region/country)
Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 00.31.00

Fablabs around Munich

what it is not: (any thought is welcome)
a « factory » for the creation of many uniform artefacts.
01-Présentation fablab digiscope
-rules: (tell us 3 essential rules that regulate our fablab)
0 – Read the Fab Charter
1 – Book a first meeting with our Fablab Manager on our Google Calendar below.
2 – Be aware that you must be trained to use the machines.
accessibility: (who is our fablab accessible to ?)
It is accessible to the public.
machines and materials: (list machines and materials we have in our fablab)
documentation: (what is documentation? Why should you document?)
It is the description of each step that is made to achieve our result.
It is necessary so that other people can easily recreate our work or build upon it, so that knowledge can be shared.
02-who are you students ?
where are you from ?
Munich, Germany
your background ?
Media Informatics: like Computer Science with some Media Design courses.
Some art + architectural studies.
what you like/what you don’t like…
I like to combine the technical with the artistic.
I also love travelling, seeing new and unexpected things, warm places, the ocean, views and stories.
What I do not like is too much negativity or stress.
why did you chose the digital fabrication course ?
I really enjoy working manually with my hands and building things from scratch.
Also, I have never worked with any kind of electronics or sensors before and am really happy to get to know more about it.
03-what is digital fabrication ?
What it digital fabrication: (describe/define)
it is a manufacturing process where the machine is controlled by a computer. It also joins design and construction.
04-final project 
Final Project: (share again what you proposed during the class, or something else related to Sarah’s Creative Design Class)
I chose to not continue the project proposed in class, but to combine the digital fabrication course with Sarah’s Creative Design Class. 
For our project we had the idea of transforming a path to a forest into an otherworldly experience through an interactive installation. It would have the best effect in the dark.
We want to do this by attaching a device containing a microphone, a speaker and a LED light to a number of trees along the path. They each would have a visually pleasing design. The user speaks into one of the devices and his « message » would be transported to the surrounding ones, and from these spread further in a « Waterfall » effect, like an echo travelling through the woods.
This would also be visualised by the illumination of each sound emitting device.

Abstract Concept: Tress with light sources that will be illuminated one after another.

what is documentation ? (give us your idea of what documentation should be made for)
It should be made in order to make knowledge about a work process acquired by someone who did it available to other people. They are then able to reciprocate the work, build upon it or use the parts that are interesting for their own project. It is a sharing of knowledge.
documentation examples: on the web, find an example of good digital fabrication documentation + an example of bad documentation
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