The laser cutter : EPILOG MINI 24

For this class the aim is to cut out a wooden circular badge with our name inscribed on it.

We have use the Epilog Mini 24.This machine cut a wood and acrylics and she can engraved any 2D drawing.

The maximum size for wood plate who can be used by the EPILOG is 300mm x 600mm.
The Accepted File formats are « .pdf » & « .svg », and the Software use is « Corel Draw ».

laser cuter.png

Epilog Mini 24


Inkscape & Badge design

  • The first step is to create the design of the badge.
    For this we could use any program for make 2D design such as Inkscape. But it exist many different software. I use Inkscape to create my final badge and i save it in PDF and SVG. The design include my name on a circle.
  • We want be sure that our material’s dimensions fit our drawing so we used the rulers in Corel Draw on the PC, who was directly connected to the laser-cutter . Because we were a group we used one only file for all the badges that was preset to the machine’s format .


  • Before lauch the cut out, we have need chose what will we cut and to engrave. We have did some manipulations on the items in the badges. If the items were groupe, so we have ungrouped. The design were converted to an outline and then to an object. All items that would be cut were filled black and all items that would be engraved were filled red.
  • First turn on the laser-cutter and don’t forget underneath the table to turn on the fume extractor.

Laser-cutter & Fume extractor power switch


  • Press the button 9 for
    turn the laser pointer.

We get a message that says « X/Y Off – GO/STOP ». So we press the button GO.

We get another message that says « X/Y Disabled ».Then we can move the laser’s axis manually to set the origin being the upper left corner.

Then, we press Button 7 to define the origin as being there. Now moving the laser has become impossible again.

  • On the Corel Draw, ctrl-P is pressed to print. Then a blue window pops up, for last settings. It had the cutter’s speed, power and frequency. The parameters should be respectively 6/100/500. We find their on documentation close to the lase-cutter. We choose to combine engrave and cut out.
    Be careful it is not allowed to leave the machine while it’s still turn on.
  •  And here is the final result, normally it was a badge but I prefer think it was a kind of coaster.

Kévin’s Coaster




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