Project 1 – Idea and Implementation

I will combine this project with the Creative Design, as our goal for the Creative Design course seems quite complex. I will not cover everything we did in this documentation but will try to highlight the main points.


The team consists of Matteo, Midas and me.


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Here are some of the goals we want to include.

  • Abstract: Public space, Tangible, Interactive in a meaningful –> something engaging, Light, Aesthetic / Beautiful, Sound –> for sense of presence, User appropriation
  • Concrete for forest installation: Sound/light pulse, hidden narrative, forest, creepy magic, echo sound through forest, talk through tree chain, find path through forest, follow the sound, light, individual path, treasure hunt for your own message, ripple effect of your words, it will slowly start forgetting, length of what you say affects length of pulse, play with sound quality, light luminescence, modular. small pieces that can be combined but work individually as well.

Inspirations we like:


Bioluminescent Forest

How we practically imagine it

The setting is the forest. Some trees will be fitted with our devices that allow the user to speak into it. This device will pick up the sound and transfer it to the surrounding ones, that will replay it and light up while doing so. This can be imagined like a drop in water, where the initial source expands in all directions.


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  • Play with how fast the sound travels through the forest. An angry voice could be relayed very fast from device to device and have harsh blinking lights as a reaction. A soft quiet sound on the other hand would evoke a more fluid, slower reaction.
  • Have the light travel along a certain path or disperse in all directions.
  • Randomly replay « old » recorded voices.


How we aesthetically imagine it

This is a pinterest board I made to collect inspirations



Initial concept sketch.

Implementation and Problems

The biggest problem we face is the number of devices. We imagine a multitude of nodes to stretch through the forest, which will most likely not be possible because of monetary constraints.

Another big issue is the communication between nodes. None of us is really an expert in network communication and the forest itself will place some constrains on what technology we are able to use.  We need a way for a group of locally disconnected devices (2-3m distance) to communicate with each other by receiving and emitting sound.

It is possible to use ultrasound, even with traditional speakers, but as Joe tells us, the communication in this case is very directional and therefore maybe not useful for our  project.

Bluetooth is another possibility. But I have heard from several people that working with it is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance.

Another possibilities are Radio Frequencies, the way they are used in walkie talkies. It seems quite complex however.

Joe points out that we could employ Sensors to pick up sound that is played around them. He also hints at machine learning. We are not sure though, if we would be able to maintain enough control over the sound to make our vision work.


Look into network technology. See what other projects have used.

Devices we need so far

The components for each node:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • LEDs
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Case
  • Power source
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