00-Présentation des fablabs
what it is: (your vision of what is a fablab, put it with your own words)
fablab is a free-style laboratory who can made their own invention using machine or by handmade.
origins: (make research on the fablab movement, where it started, etc.)
Fab Lab’s original inspiration from professor Gershenfeld in MIT in 1998 opened a course of « how to create anything », it soon became one of the most popular course.
The first Fab Lab established in Boston in 2001, at present, the global has been set up 30 followed a similar concept and principles of the laboratory.The first international Fab Lab building in costa rica. By 2008, Norway, India, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Iceland, Spain and the Netherlands and other countries have established the Fab Lab, and joined the Fab Lab’s global network.
network: (find a way to display a map of the fablabs in your region/country)
1st fablab in China: http://fablab.tongji.edu.cn/
for now there are 14 fablabs at least:
屏幕快照 2015-12-03 02.35.29.png
what it is not: (any thought is welcome)
…sorry I don’t get this question
01-Présentation fablab digiscope
-rules: (tell us 3 essential rules that regulate our fablab)
public access, have to share, must participate
accessibility: (who is our fablab accessible to ?)
anyone(individual, research group, companies, interested group)
machines and materials: (list machines and materials we have in our fablab)
Epilog Mini Legend 40Watts laser-cutter,
ULTIMAKER2 Printer 3D(x2),
Roland Modela MDX-40A milling-machine,
PFAFF CREATIVE 3.0 sewing/embroidery machine,
KNK MAXX AIR vinyl-cutter
documentation: (what is documentation? Why should you document?)
documentation is information about explain the basic design concept, type and quantity of components and materials, specialized manufacturing instructions and the latest version. For your fablab, there should be 3 documentation forms, include #d pointing form, cutting form and Arduino form.
if you did really complete documentation, sharing your invention could be very easy. And you can also record your things detailed and clearly.
02-who are you students ?
Yuan Lyu(Coco)
where are you from ?
 Yuncheng, Shanxi, China
your background ?
Network Engineering
what you like/what you don’t like…
I like sleeping very much, and I do enjoy taking concerts. For something professional, I’d like to ….I don’t like morning course….
why did you chose the digital fabrication course ?
On the one hand, I think this course will be very fun, it is a meaningful learning to realize your own invention. The other reason is more practical, I’d like to improve my experiences about hardware.
03-what is digital fabrication ?
What it digital fabrication: (describe/define)
such as rapid prototyping, stereo lithography and laser cutting enable the production of physical objects directly from digital models, allowing for new forms and aesthetics of space. 
04-final project 
Final Project: (share again what you proposed during the class, or something else related to Sarah’s Creative Design Class)
eh, I am not sure yet, cause I’m rethinking my intelligent pillow 
what is documentation ? (give us your idea of what documentation should be made for)
documentation examples: on the web, find an example of good digital fabrication documentation + an example of bad documentation
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