Fab Lab’s presentation : What, where, who and How ?

00-Présentation des fablabs
-What it is : FabLabs are a network of laboratories which help we want build, design a project in giving access to fabrication tools and machines.
-Origins of Fablab : The Fablab program began as a collaboration between the Grassroots Invention Group and the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Media Lab in the MIT with a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2001. The program was initiated to explore how the content of information relates to its physical representation and how an under-served community can be powered by technology at the local level.  
Network :
Fablab map
-What it is not : Fablab is an opportunity to make your project can réality. Some people name the Fablab class  « How To Make (Almost) Anything »
01-Présentation fablab digiscope
-Rules :

1) You book before come to the fablab.
2) Students teach to each other students.
3) You will have to do a documentation step by step of your project

-Accessibility :  Romain and Jo. Romain answer for technical question about machines and Jo for questions about the electroniques devices.
-Machines and materials :
-Documentation : We do documentation because the designs and processes developed in Fab Labs must be available so that people can use and learn.
02-who are you students ?
-Name : Perez Kévin
-Where are you from :  I’m from France.
-Your background : I’m student to paris sud university. I began by study physics and chemistry (DUT) than a bachelor in computer. And now I am in second year of my master degree HCI ( Human computer interaction)
-What you like/what you don’t like : To Travel, discover new lands. I try stay far of pessimistic people.
-Why did you chose the digital fabrication course : I always like make something, build, invent, modify. That remember when I worked on Physique projects.
03-what is digital fabrication ?
What it digital fabrication : Digital  fabrication can be a process that joins design with the Construction and Production through the use of 3D modeling software and manufacturing processes. These tools allow designers to produce material digitally, before creates it .
04-final project 
Final Project :  Upgrad Clout Fantasy, it is a board game.  The goal is to use localization’s captors for know where are each different clout. Maybe use interactive table or juste on each clout.  (Maybe i will change of project, yesterday I talked with friend on an other idea.)
clout Fan
 -Final Project Update : Finally I am very interesting to design a wood glasses. And for the class of creative design  I will design a prototype of protection for phone.
-What is documentation : The documentation i should do, explain how I developed the designs and the processes for my final project. And which machine I used with their different parameters. We can illustrate with pictures, schemas etc.
-Documentation examples:
  • A good document we find every information steps by steps for replicate the project, and the parameters need to use for machines or devices.
  • A bad documentation,that just give minimal information of the project. We need more explanation for understand how made the stuff. (to less pic, parameters, software)

By Perez Kévin

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