Isha’s Fab Lab Documentation

Please find all of my fab lab documentation here.

List of all lecture blogs so far:

List of all project blogs so far:

Assignment 1: Introduction to Lab

In this session in the digiscope fab lab, the general concept and rules of fabrication labs were explained. Read more here…

Assignment 2: Laser-Cutter

My first ever hands-on with a laser-cutter made me cut my own wooden badge with engraved name. Read more here…

Assignment 3

Assignment 3a: 3D-printing

Half of the third class we spent on printing a personalized cube.Read more here…

Assignment 3b: Arduino

In the other half we learned about Arduino and experimented with making a LED turn on and off. Read more here…

Assignment 4: More Arduino

This time I was doing Project 8 Digital Hourglass from Arduino’s tutorials.  With this project I made an hourglass with blinking LEDs instead of falling sand. Read more here…

Assignment 5: Input and Output

In this mini-lecture we learned about the different things we can measure from the outside world, and the things we add to that! Read more here…



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