We Are Antidisciplinary: Our vision exceeds the boundaries of interdisciplinarity. Publics of fablabs are more than professional backgrounds.

We Design Reality: Together with you we design Reality to bring societal change. Please take action. The first step is to book your first visit below (15 min).

We Propose Distributed Education: You can enroll in Fab Academy or Bio Academy at Fablab Digiscope. You’re feelin’ adventurous ?

We Attend and Empower Every Publics: In 99% of the time, we share space, knowledge and machines. You bring the materials. We don’t work for you. You do the job. For the last 1% of the time, for some very special cases, you can hire us.

We Do Research: Fablab Digiscope is a Research Facility where scientists and non scientists do research. What ever your background is, show up!

We Are a Fablab Network SuperNode: We serve as one of the 12 Super Nodes of the Global Fablabs Network. We can help you in many ways.

Learn To Teach / Teach to Learn: Best Practices in fablabs consist in Learning from others and Teaching to others. Got it ?


1- As a First Time Visitor you should book for 30 min only. During your visit as a First Time Visitor you will make a 15 min tour of FABLAB DIGISCOPE. You won’t be able to use the machines for your first visit at FABLAB DIGISCOPE.

Please note that you will benefit skills and knowledges from FABLAB DIGISCOPE if you document your work to share it with other users. You are required to create an account on: to do so. Or click on the picture on the right of this text to access our documentation page directly.

2- To New Visitors, New Users and Middle Level Users: Bookings start at 12:00PM and end at 5:30PM for First Time Visitors, New Users and Middle Level Users. You stay a New User or a Middle Level User until Romain Di vozzo gives you Expert Access to Fablab Digiscope. You gain Expert Access because you have demonstrated the necessary autonomy and the skills and the maturity to operate a machine on your own.

3- Expert Users have personal access to FABLAB DIGISCOPE through a PassCard that was given to them by Romain Di Vozzo. They can book at any time of the day but they have slots reserved in the mornings. Experts MUST book Morning Slots – starting at 8:30AM and ending at 12:00PM – on a dedicated calendar to witch they were given access to.



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